Welcome friends! My name is Lela and I am a mom, a wife, an auntie and a nana! My husband, Greg, and I own a gourmet coffee and espresso wholesale business in New Jersey and I also have my rustic little ETSY shop. Greg works like crazy running our coffee business and I manage the office. The coffee business is part time for me which gives me time to work on DIY projects, repurposing, organizing, and fulfilling ETSY orders! I have a nice little workshop in our home and another great workspace outside (called my backyard)!

I’m 50(ish) years old, married, have a 29 yr. old son and a sweetie pie grand-daughter! I love – love – love hanging out in my garden and doing projects around the yard and in my home. Often warm summer evenings are reserved for hubby time on the patio with apps (the food kind), refreshing cocktails and a little unwind time.

I am really looking forward to sharing some of my, super easy around the home, ideas with you all. I’ll show you some of my past projects and we’ll venture through some new projects as well! I keep my diy projects simple and affordable, nothing too difficult here. I am a firm believer of repurposing my own things that may have been forgotten about. I like figuring out how to reuse things that I already have.

I want to finish by saying… Thank you to my awesome husband for all the love and support you give effortlessly. Greg is my best friend, my rock, and my forever partner in life. I sure am a lucky gal.