Coffee Grounds Repurposed

Whether you brew coffee through a filter or brew coffee from a K-Cup, hang onto those used grounds and repurpose them! In the warmer months, I sprinkle them in the soil for my acid loving plants. Here in my kitchen this winter, I often use the grounds for exfoliating my hands and rubbing away garlic smells from my fingers.

I love using fresh garlic. However, I don’t love the sticky residue it leaves on my hands and especially don’t like the garlic smell on my fingers.

Keep a container of used grounds near your kitchen sink. Be sure to let them dry well before storing them in your container. If you use K-Cups you could also toss those grounds into your container. Any coffee grounds will do.

Just dump some coffee grounds onto your hands and rub-a-dub-dub. No soap needed! You don’t need much. Be careful not to clog your sink drain too. Rub some grounds on your hands after cutting up garlic, onions, or fish. Great as an exfoliant too!

Rinse with plain water. For me, not only does the smell go away once I’ve washed with coffee grounds but, my hands are super-duper smooth. That’s it guys!

I don’t know about you but, all this coffee talk makes me think it’s coffee o’clock!

~Lela (TrashFind Redesigned on ETSY)