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I am excited to show you some fun DIY & repurposing projects. We’ll explore rustic party ideas, repurposed garden art, and lots more. So, grab your coffee, wine or whatever floats your boat, and let’s get this blogging started!

I am a big fan of shopping at estate sales. And rarely do I pass up a good yard sale, flea market or interesting trash pile. Two of my finds were featured on ABC’s Good Afternoon America with Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot. Lara transformed my damaged vanity into a fun little treasure. She also refurbished a vintage Amish bench for me which I had grabbed from my neighbor’s trash pile.

I’ve been shopping estate sales for several years now. It’s a fun way to find some really unique things. Each estate sale is different and each home tells an interesting story as soon as you walk in.

Almost 4 years ago, I did some video blogs at It was a lot of fun but I did not like seeing myself on the videos. I’m more of a “behind-the-scenes” kind of a gal. Last year, I got to thinking that I can still do a written blog but no need for video. This will be a fun way for me to share my finds, adventures, and affordable DIY projects! I will also show you how I began my successful ETSY shop using many of my repurposed items.

I share lots of fun projects on my Trash Find Redesigned Facebook page – which I am excited to say has over 50,000 followers! You can also find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I would love to have you visit my ETSY shop when you have a few minutes! There you can shop for rustic signs, wedding and home decor, and anniversary gifts.

I hope you enjoy this eclectic journey with me while I repurpose, redo, recycle and reorganize all sorts of things!

~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)


  1. Carol

    Loving what I am seeing. Retired so having a limited budget requires me to come up with inexpensive ideas to use in my home. Currently building a patio and need lots of outdoor ideas. So far have almost completed a bar and sink area (outdoor) with old 2 x4’s and picket fence boards. Looking for ideas on the counter top. I have also acquired old (new) tractor seats approx. 12.00 ea and am going to use implement parts for legs. Now need also ideas to build a 12ft table out of recyclable materials. Wish me luck and I will be watching your blog. Thanks. Carol

    1. Oh wow Carol… I love, love, love your idea about using the picket fence boards for the bar sink area. I also am planning a small bar area out on our patio (if this snow would just go away 🙂 The 12 ft table sounds awesome too! I picked up a fabulous barn wood door with hardware still in tack. I plan on having hubby help me make a bar top out of it for the patio. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see my photo while standing in a pile of torn apart barn wood. I was happy to salvage a few pieces. Please send photos of your done projects, I would love to see them. Have a nice rest of your weekend. ~Lela

  2. Carol

    Thanks. I first have to figure out how to post pictures. Guess I will gather the grandkids for instruction. You may or may not see pictures. Wish me luck. Wish I could find “barn doors” etc that were not priced higher than the sky. Around here they are gold. Just acquired a pick up truck so will be able to look farther away😀

    1. Good luck Carol!

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