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OLD BARN DOOR salvaged for the BATHROOM

Every year, hubby Greg and I do at least one big project around the house. Last year it was a much needed air conditioning unit. This year we decided it was time to upgrade our 80’s powder room. I like to do things a little differently, so… Here’s what we decided to do.

It started with a pile of 100+ year old barn wood. Sadly the barn was torn down to make room for a new development. Greg and I got permission to grab a few pieces before it was all hauled away.

One of the best salvaged pieces from the pile was this barn door. I loved that the hardware was still intact.

Here is the powder room before we did anything. The counter top, sink, and faucet were things we wanted to change.

To me, the old barn door looked like a great piece for the new counter top! Greg took the hardware off temporarily so I could clean it and seal it, then he sized the door and got to cutting.
Because I choose a vessel sink and a vintage style tall faucet, Greg had to build a shelf to hide plumbing and raise the faucet. Luckily he was able to use some remaining barn wood to make that shelf.
I added a protective finish to the barn wood counter top and to the hardware piece. Hubby then built me a little cubby in the front of the existing cabinet. After that, I painted the whole cabinet and the walls. Greg added our new chicken wire toilet paper holder, reinstalled the old hardware piece on top of the barn door counter top and put up my hand towel holder! You may have already seen my vintage towel holder project here on the BLOG!
 I found a cute rustic industrial style shelf for behind the toilet. We also added a new distressed looking mirror and a new vintage style single light. Here are a few pictures of the finished bathroom.
That’s it for our spring project this year. We’re really happy about the way it all came together. Next we’ll be replacing the bathroom and hallway flooring but… I won’t bring that up to Greg for at least a few weeks 😉
~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)

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