Pallet Wood Signs

It all started with my son’s engagement party. I made lots of props and signs for that special day. It was a huge success! Then it was time to make more fun things for the wedding. I got to work on our pallet wood piles from our coffee business warehouse. Once the wedding was over, I just could stop making signs!!! I decided to throw a few up on ETSY to sell and almost 3 years later… I have a fun and exciting successful ETSY business! Check it out when you have a chance.

I want to keep as many nails in the boards as possible, so, my awesome hubby uses the sawzall to cut my boards. My Christmas gift from 2 years ago was a little chop saw. I love it and it makes it really easy to cut my pallet wood boards.

This WAY to the IDO’s was just one of many signs that I made for my son’s wedding. It was placed along the beautiful walkway leading up to a patio ceremony. I chose not to fresh cut these boards or sand them. I wanted that true rustic feel for this special day.

The other 3 signs are just a few examples of what I sell in my ETSY shop. I love doing custom orders BTW so, if you have something in mind that you don’t see at my shop… Just ask!

~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)