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REPURPOSED & Relocated Kitchen Cabinets

When we bought our “Fixer Upper” house 8 years ago, our priority was to upgrade the kitchen. I was excited about this project and just as excited, (well almost), to repurpose some of the existing cabinets. They were perfectly good cabinets and there was no way we were tossing them out.

We shuffled, who am I kidding… hubby shuffled cabinets around to enlarge our u-shaped work space. Then oh boy, we got lucky. Neighbors were gutting their kitchen and they tossed out all of their existing cabinets. They were the exact same ones as ours so we helped ourselves. How awesome was that! Now we could “fill in the blanks” with matching cabinets and more storage in the kitchen.

In a few weeks, I’ll show you what we did next in our kitchen once the cabinets were all in place. Sticking to our budget was the main goal and, that we did. Stay tuned for the final results!

What did we do with the leftover cabinets?

Garage storage of course! It was a great way to keep things hidden and organized in there. We purchased a pre-cut countertop from Home Depot and hubby secured it to the lower cabinets. More upper cabinets were attached along the other back wall in the garage. That’s it!

~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)

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