Having several vintage farmhouse and barn handles to pick from… I always knew I would find something to do with them all. During our recent remodel of our little powder room, I figured out how to use one of my old barn handles. It fit in perfectly with the rustic theme we were going for and I bought it for $1 at an estate sale. And yup, you guessed it… As always I used to find that estate sale!


So, I cut, sanded and painted a piece of pallet wood a little bit longer than my barn handle. Brushed on 3 coats of Clear Satin Polycrylic Protective Finish on the pallet wood and on both sides of the vintage handle. I let each coat dry for about 3 hours in between coats.

Hubby hung the pallet wood with anchor’s in the wall and screws behind the handle so you don’t see the screws that go into the wall. Then he added the handle onto the wood. Pallet wood can easily split so all holes into the wood were pre-drilled. I touched up the new screws with a reddish brown paint, then coated it with Polycrylic.

DONE! I love it! If you saw my “LATHER RINSE REPEAT” burlap project here on my BLOG and also on HOMETALK, you saw how I made the DIY burlap sign. Now I have the new hand towel which matches my burlap sign!!!

~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)

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