TRASH FIND – An Easy $1.06 Makeover

This easy DIY makeover was another neighborhood trash find that was prettied up and secretly returned back to it’s original owner! When I walk the grand-pups in our neighborhood on trash day, I’m always watching for good items in trash piles. This little can was an easy pick and I knew I could do something cute with it.

The good ol’ local dollar store came through once¬†again. One roll of contact paper for $1.00 plus tax. Cha-Ching $1.06.

I spray painted the inside of the can silver and covered the outside with the contact paper. A piece of raffia tied around the can finished it off nicely. Like most of my trash finds, this little can was also secretly returned back to the original owners. Left it on the front porch, rang their doorbell¬†and ran like crazy. Still didn’t get caught!

~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)