VINTAGE Wagon Repurposed

I admit… I am an Estate Sale Shopper big time! My friends over at got me hooked a few years ago and I can’t stop!!! My little red vintage wagon is still one of my favorite estate sale finds. I knew when I saw this little wagon, I just had to have it. With our new landscape footprint, it was time to get decorating and planting out front. I like pops of color.

So, there was no question. This wagon just had to be repurposed into a flower planter. I drilled several holes on the bottom of the wagon and then added a light layer of small stone for drainage. Then of course the soil and annuals.

Done! Great pop of color in front of our front porch. It makes for a fun conversation piece too! The geraniums and impatiens just seemed like a good idea. On the Fourth of July, I have it looking patriotic with blue ribbons attached.

I love using my wagon to decorate for spring, fall and winter holidays too. There are so many different things you can do with something like this. The nice part about it is that it’s on wheels which makes it easy to move around.

Thanks for guiding me into the Estate Sale world. It sure does make for some fun weekend shopping!

~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY)